Mountain Bike Riding:
Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

I remember the first few times I went mountain bike riding. I still have the scars to remind me! It seemed like others were pedaling effortlessly over rocks, logs, and other obstacles while I was doing the walk of shame pushing my bicycle.

And climbing hills... here I was, totally exhausted and having to stop every two minutes while other mountain bikers passed me by with seemingly no effort. When I finally reached the downhill section of the mountain bike trail, I thought, "Finally! The easy part!"

Nope, it definitely wasn't easy. I fell so many times and wasn't even going that fast! What's up with that? I found out later that I was making some of the biggest mistakes when riding my mountain bike downhill.


On those first few rides, I couldn't imagine that I would ever be able to ride like those mountain bikers that were flying by me, but after learning and practicing some basic mountain biking techniques, I was amazed at how much better I could ride.

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The first couple times I rode, I also didn't prepare very well before my first ride. I ran out of water and didn't have any of the tools or gear that I would have needed if I would have gotten a flat tire or had any other mishap. Luckily, the bike and I both made it back in one piece (barely), but I've had many instances since then where being prepared has saved me from walking my bike for miles.

Check out these mountain bike tips about what types of tools and gear you should take on the trail so your mountain biking is more enjoyable and you are prepared for anything.


When I was first getting started, I also learned some basic beginning mountain biking skill builders that I practiced on grass and parking lots before trying on the trail. They really helped me with my balance.

Once I mastered some riding techniques, I learned about some really cool mountain bike tricks, like popping wheelies, the lunge, and the bunny hop. These tricks make a huge difference when riding over obstacles, plus it's fun to show off once they are mastered! :)

Some trails only allow mountain bike riding on certain days of the week or allow mountain bikers to only go in one direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). Many trails don't allow bikers at all. It's important to check out whether there are any trail restrictions before riding. There are also some general rules that we are expected to follow on all trails. If we show proper trail etiquette, it is likely that more trails will open up for mountain bike riding, which is definitely a good thing.

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