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Which mountain bike brands are the best? With so many brands out there, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start when choosing a mountain bike, especially with all the changes in technology year after year.

I have recently purchased a mountain bike, so I have gone through the process of researching many reputable mountain bike brands and test riding many awesome bikes so that I could make the best possible decision on the right bike for me.

I would like to share with you what I have learned along the way. By the way, want to see a photo of the hot bike I decided on?

Here it is...


Skip my yapping and go straight to brands!

Important Tips

If your budget is limited, get a mountain bike with a good quality frame. The frame is very important because it is the foundation of your bike. You can always upgrade to better components later. A low quality frame will always ride like a low quality frame no matter what you add to it.

For more information on choosing and fitting a frame, check out my page on Mountain Bike Frames and then click your back button to come back to this page.

It is also important to consider the amount of suspension you need. If you think you may want to upgrade later, make sure that the frame can accommodate a different sized shock.

How This Site Will Help You

To me, it means nothing when a company says that their bike is the best. I want to know what features the bike has that make it a good choice for me, but in terms that I can understand. I have found that it is sometimes difficult to sort through the technical jargon that each company uses.

For example, what does Specialized FSR stand for and what advantage will it give me?

FSR stands for Future Shock Rear, which is the multiple pivot suspension system that Specialized uses to separate the drivetrain and braking from the main pivot. This type of design allows the rear suspension to compress and rebound without being impacted by chain or brake movement. Bottom line: it improves the effectiveness of the shocks when pedaling and braking.

For each mountain bike brand that I research, I attempt to sort through this jargon so that we can make informed decisions when choosing a mountain bike. This way we are able to get the options we want, but not pay for options we don't need.

I also list the different models of mountain bikes that each company offers. Most companies offer some cross country models, trail bikes, all mountain options, and downhill/freeride bikes.

Some mountain bike brands include a line-up of 29er mountain bikes, while others do not offer this option. Some companies offer a nice selection of women specific designs, others have a more limited selection, and some offer none. I also provide information on 29ers and women specific design options with each company.

Brands of Mountain Bikes

There are a lot of really great mountain bike brands out there. The key is finding the one that meets your needs and price range.

As I continue to add more bike companies, the list below will grow so please check back later if you don't see the brand you are interested in. If you want to be notified when new pages are added, you may wish to subscribe to our Bike Blog.


Gary Fisher (now under Trek)










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