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mechanical disc brake.

I see them as the development of the rim brake. and they are quick to stop..and safety on the sudden stopping condition...I like them..9 out of 10.

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Yo tenia una 26ers, la compré hace mas de un año, como a los tres meses empezó la revolución de las 29ers, la mayoría de mis compañeros comentaban sus

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Mechanical/Cable brakes are better.

Mechanical/Cable brakes are better. - Mechanical brakes are so much easier to maintain. Hydraulic brakes are so, so, so incredibly much more difficult

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29er every time!

I have both 26 inch hard tail and full suspension bikes which I have ridden for many miles on all sorts of terrain but, last year I had a demo ride on

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I have shimano hydraulic disk brakes. They work well, but I've found when wet they do not function as well as dry braking. Also, the rear system is a

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I heard that Avid's DOT tech oil jams easily. Also I have used both SRAM's XX Avid brakes and Shimano Deore XT brakes. XT has a crisper feel although XX

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Avid BB7

I ran hydraulic maguras and Avids in all extremes of temperature and mud. Significant amounts of time went into maintenance. Reliability was always a worry

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