Is a Hardtail Mountain Bike
Right for You?

A hardtail mountain bike or front suspension bike is a type of cross country mountain bike. A cross country mountain bike is able to ride most types of terrain without the use of a lift or other method of transport.


Hardtail bicycles have a front suspension fork to absorb the impact of bumps and obstacles. Unlike the full suspension mountain bike, the hardtail does not have rear suspension, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

A bike with only front suspension is more efficient for climbing hills because it is lighter than a full suspension bicycle. If you are planning on doing a lot of climbing and want to be able to climb quickly, This type of bicycle may be your best bet. Also, if you are planning on racing with your bicycle, this would be a good choice. Many mountain bike racers prefer a hardtail because they can make gains against their opponents on the uphill sections of trail.

A hardtail can also be easier to handle on terrain that is not terribly technical because it responds quicker than a full suspension bike. This is a good bicycle for all-around riding that is not too technical. Many riders who have a hardtail mountain bike say that they prefer the agility and quicker response time that it provides.

Hardtails have a disadvantage on more technical terrain though because they are not able to absorb the impact of rocks, logs, and other obstacles. This causes difficulties controlling the bicycle and it is more difficult for the tires to maintain traction. Ride comfort is also compromised because you feel the bumps more without the rear shock. If you are planning on doing a lot of technical riding, this type of bike may not be your best choice.

If you plan on doing a lot of serious downhill riding and want to be able to go faster on the downhill sections, a full suspension mountain bike is better. Hardtails are fine for light downhill riding, but are not built for doing jumps or other mountain bike stunts. If you plan on doing more aggressive riding, you may wish to consider an all mountain, downhill, or freeride mountain bike.

Having a bike with only front suspension is easier to maintain than a full suspension bike because it has less parts that can potentially break down. It is also more durable than a dual suspension bike because it has a solid frame rather than a bunch of moving parts with pivot points.

Buying a hardtail can be more cost efficient than buying a full suspension mountain bike because they are overall less expensive than their counterparts. You pay a lot of extra cash to have the rear shock, so if this is not important to you, the hardtail mountain bike is your better option because you will be able to get better components for your money. The most important components to consider when buying a mountain bike include the suspension fork, wheels, frame, and brakes.

Reputable Brands of Hardtails

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