What are Gary Fisher
Mountain Bikes?

Gary Fisher mountain bikes, which are now branded under Trek as the Gary Fisher Collection, have been around for several decades. Gary Fisher, the founder of Gary Fisher Bicycles, is a mountain biking legend who was instrumental in developing the sport of mountain biking, starting back in the days of flying down Mt. Tam on old klunker bicycles with his buddies. To this day, he is an avid rider and a passionate advocate of cycling.

Company History

Gary Fisher grew up in Marin County California during the dawn of mountain biking. As a teenager he started working in a bike shop and was very involved in road bike racing.

Fisher started off road riding as a teen when he and some friends started riding old pre-WWII Schwinn cruiser bikes with coaster brakes that they got from the dump or good will. They stripped off the unnecessary parts of the bikes and would race them off-road down the steep slopes of Mount Tamalpais, commonly called Mt. Tam, in Marin County, California.

Fisher and his friends, including Joe Breeze, Tom Ritchey, and Charlie Kelly, continued to have races down Mt. Tam throughout the years and kept looking for ways to improve the durability and performance of these bikes that they called klunkers.

Because of the hard use of the coaster brakes when flying down Mt. Tam, the grease in the hubs would burn out and had to be repacked frequently. Because of this, they called their races the Repack Races.

Fisher and his buddies eventually added cantilever brakes, multispeed gears, fat tires, and other parts that they got from motorcycles and road bikes and sold these modified klunkers to their friends.

In 1979, Fisher and Kelly started the first company to sell mountain bikes, and Tom Ritchie built the frames. They named the company "Mountain Bikes". The demand for the mountain bikes they were making was high and they were in business.

In 1991, after hitting some ruts, Fisher sold his company to Taiwan's Anlen, which did not go very well. A few years later, Trek bought the Gary Fisher company with Fisher operating as president of his line of bikes. This move helped sales increase dramatically for Fisher bikes.

In 2010, Trek and Gary Fisher announced that Gary Fisher bikes would be branded as Trek's Gary Fisher Collection, with the marketing slogan, "Fisher Dreamed. Trek Unleashed". Reasons for this change included the ability to increase the availability of Fisher-designed bikes worldwide with Trek's large distribution market and avoid the complications involved in marketing two product lines of bikes under Trek.

G2 and GS Geometry

Genesis (G2) Geometry:

Gary Fisher mountain bikes are built with what they call a Genesis 2 (G2) geometry. With G2 geometry, the offset of the suspension fork is increased so that the handlebars are closer to the rider but the wheel base is maintained.

The purpose of the mountain bike suspension fork offset is to improve response time during technical riding and low speed handling without impacting stability. It also puts the rider's center of gravity further back on the mountain bike, which should theoretically increase control when climbing and decrease the likelihood of going over the handlebars.

Genesisters (GS) Geometry:
Women specific mountain bike design

Gary Fisher mountain bikes include several options available in what they call GS geometry, which is their version of women specific design mountain bikes.

There are 2 Gary Fisher full suspension mountain bikes with Genesister Geometry, both in the HiFi series Gary Fisher also has a women specific mountain bike hardtail model called the Marlin Disc GS. Several entry level Gary Fisher hardtails also are available with GS Geometry.

Characteristics of GS mountain bike design include:

-Women specific mountain bike saddle

-Compact bicycle frame for easier reach

-Narrower handlebars to fit narrower shoulders

-Custom-tuned front shocks for lighter weight

-Brake levers have a shorter reach to fit hands

Gary Fisher Bike Line-Up

There is a nice selection of Gary Fisher mountain bikes on the market today, including several 29ers, hardtails, full-suspensions, and a few women specific designed mountain bikes.

Roscoe series

There is a lot of excitement about the Roscoe series Gary Fisher mountain bike, which received 2009 Gear of the Year by Mountain Bike Magazine. This long-travel trail bike was designed to be the best of both worlds of all mountain and trail. It has been built to be lightweight and faster than an all mountain bike but burlier than a trail bike.

Some features of the Gary Fisher Roscoe mountain bike include:

  • 140 mm of adjustable shock travel
  • Rear shock: lightweight adjustable dual chamber Fox air shock that was designed to have the performance of a heavier coil shock.
  • G2 geometry
  • Active Braking Pivot (ABP): The rear pivot is lined up with the rear axle to prevent the suspension from locking up when braking.

HiFi series

The HiFi Gary Fisher mountain bike is a lighter trail bike that was designed to be agile and efficient to be used for trail riding, racing, or all-day rides. The HiFi series comes in a variety of options, including 29ers, women specific designs, carbon frames, and xc racing.

Some features of the HiFi mountain bike include:

  • 120 mm suspension (100 mm for XC racing models)
  • Stiff, yet lightweight frame: aluminum hydroformed or carbon frame options
  • G2 geometry- women specific mountain bike options
  • Single pivot suspension designed for improved pedaling efficiency

Hardtail models

Gary Fisher mountain bikes include a nice range of options and prices for hardtail mountain bikes. Hardtail Gary Fisher bikes include their basic classic hardtails, the G2 trail hardtails, and 29er hardtails.

29er models

Gary Fisher Bikes added 29er mountain bikes to their line-up in 2002 and have done a lot of fine tuning to improve the response time and low speed handling that is often an issue with these larger-wheeled bikes.

Gary Fisher 29er mountain bikes have the G2 geometry that reduces handlebar reach and cockpit size, which helps address the fit difficulties that are a concern for smaller riders who are looking for a 29er.

Some features of the Gary Fisher 29er mountain bikes include:

  • G2 geometry
  • Reduced cockpit size
  • Lightweight; for example, the Superfly 29er mountain bike has a carbon frame
  • Wider mountain bike rims for increased strength and stiffness
  • Several mountain bike frame material options, including butted and hydroformed aluminum, carbon and True Temper OX Platimum
  • Hardtail, full-suspension, and singlespeed options

Gary Fisher has three full suspension mountain bike 29ers:

  • Superfly 100- This is a very lightweight carbon full suspension 29er
  • HiFi 29er- This 29er is the aluminum alloy version of the Superfly
  • Rumblefish 29er- A technical full suspension trail bike with 120 mm of travel

Gary Fisher mountain bikes also include a nice selection of hardtail 29ers in their line-up:

  • Superfly Hardtail- Carbon frame with a single speed option
  • Paragon- Aluminum alloy racing hardtail
  • X-Caliber- Aluminum alloy for trails or racing
  • Rig Single Speed- Another single speed option, but in an aluminum alloy frame
  • Cobia- Economical 29er hardtail
  • Mamba- Entry Level 29er hardtail

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