Fuji Outland 29er

by Daniel Bérubé
(Quebec City, Canada)

I just got mine!

A Fuji Outland 29er...

Very happy with it. I got on the trail today for a try and it is simply "flying". I rode on gravel road, singletrack, up and down the road under electrical line, and then the final test on the technical trail in a hilly place in the woods!

I'd like to say first that it is a fast running bike, it was running easily everywhere I went. I was surprised to look at the speedometer and see many times that the speed was higher than with another full suspension bike I have (26"). I remark that it also rode very fine in sandy places.

The Fuji has 4 inches suspension front and back and it is correct with that setup! It is very very fun to ride and I felt very at home with that bike.

One thing I did observe is that sometimes when I was climbing it seemed to me that it was a little bit harder to push, but like I said before the speed also seems to be higher everywhere you are riding it!

It is a very good climbing bike and the front tire stays on the ground while climbing. I will have to test the time from one place to another to see which one is a faster bike.

A good thing is that is is smoother for an old 45 years old guy like me! For reference I ride about 1500 kms in trail every year and about 2000 kms on road biking with a Specialized Comp.

I would buy a 29er again!

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