avid elixir 5 2012

by jhong

They came with my 2013 santa cruz sl29 and i believe these brakes are too common to almost all mid-class built bikes on famous brands. Anyway,the problem is the rear caliper almost locks the rotor. if not there is some rubbing between pad and rotor.

First I thought it's just a simple adjustment of removing some pressure on the fluids. I paid my local bike shop to do them but after two rides and 3 weeks of not riding the rubbing came back and I can't move the right brake lever anymore, called Philippine distributor and they just told me to bring it to them. I asked if they will assure me it won't happen again, and they never answered my question. I asked what will they do about it, and they told me to send it to them on my freight expense. There was no concern at all to their customer. They never said they will replace it even if its still under 5 months use, which is well within warranty.

I am very very disappointed with the brands management as they don't even have customer service email added on all their websites. Luckily, I found the exclusive distributor here in the Philippines but am still very frustrated on their unconcerned insincere reply. I mean it is the common problem of avid elixir 5 rear brakes as i've researched it on the net reviews but they don't do anything about it when a customer like me contacts them.

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