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Attack the Singletrack!, Issue #014 --3 Tips for Choosing Mountain Bike Shoes
March 01, 2012

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Attack the Singletrack! Issue #014 -- 3 Tips for Choosing Mountain Bike Shoes

Attack the Singletrack brings you mountain bike tips to help you become a better rider and enjoy mountain biking more.

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In this Issue...

1) How to Choose Mountain Bike Shoes -- Overwhelmed by all the different types of mountain biking shoes on the market and want a few simple tips?

Click here or scroll down for 3 essential tips for choosing biking shoes.

2) What's New or Seasonal on Mountain Bike Buzz -- Click on the links below to learn about new information that has been recently added to the site or oldie-but-goodie seasonal information.

Winter Mountain Biking Tips: How to Winterize your Bike
How to turn your mountain bike into a mean snow machine. Some simple tips to make your bike more efficient in winter mountain biking conditions.

3) Find Hot Deals on Bikes and Gear -- You may break something, but this time it won't be the bank...

Check out these 3 tips before you buy your next pair of mountain biking shoes:

Overwhelmed with all the different types of mountain bike shoes on the market? Not sure what you need? Check out these tips to help figure out the best fit for you.

1. Get the shoe that fits your type of riding

If you are planning on doing a lot of cross country riding, a clipless mountain bike shoe with a stiffer sole is a good option because this type of shoe gives you the best pedaling efficiency. These are also great if you are planning on doing any mountain bike racing.

If you are a more casual rider and want your shoe to be more comfortable for walking, try a more recreational or touring type of mountain bike shoe. These type of mountain bike shoes often resemble hiking shoes.

If you are primarily into the gnarly downhill and need to get your feet out quickly for doing your crazy stunts or avoiding injury, go for the type that has the soft, sticky sole. This type of shoe is usually paired with a flat pedal that has pins sticking out of it that stick into the rubber sole, providing security, but easy to escape if needed.

2. Get the right fit

Mountain bike shoes should be snug, but comfortable. Your heel should not slip around while you are riding, but your toes should also not be squished up against the front of the shoe.

3. Consider your terrain

I recently took a winter mountain biking vacation in Tucson, AZ. My wimpy cross country shoes with meshed ventilation did not fare so well against the wicked cacti that reached out to poke me on every turn. I was wishing I had burly mountain bike shoes like the locals who were on the ride with me.

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Mary Blomquist
Mountain Bike Buzz

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