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Attack the Singletrack!, Issue #017 -- Fall Mountain Biking
September 30, 2012

Attack the Singletrack:
Tips on Mountain Biking Techniques and Gear

Issue #017 -- Fall Mountain Biking Tips

Attack the Singletrack brings you mountain bike tips to help you become a better rider and enjoy mountain biking more.

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In this Issue...

1) Fall Mountain Biking Tips

Are you sad because summer has come to an end and you are envisioning your mountain bike covered with cobwebs in the basement? Well, don't put your friend in storage yet. Fall is a great time to get in some of the best rides of the year.

Not only is fall a beautiful time of the year to ride, but it is also a refreshing change of temperature from the heat of the summer. I love to ride this time of the year! Here are some tips that I have picked up during my fall riding experiences.

1. Buffer time for shorter days: Be aware of what time the sun sets and allow extra time for mechanical issues. I have gotten caught on the trail with a mechanical issue. It was not fun dealing with it in the dark and cold. It is not a bad idea to bring a light in case you have a mechanical issue or injury that causes your ride to take longer than anticipated.

2. Layer up: Overall, the temperatures are cooler in the fall, which can be perfect for riding, but when the shadows of late afternoon fall and the sun starts to hide, it can get chilly. I have learned to bring more layers in the fall, such as arm warmers, leg warmers, a skull cap, and a heavier jacket. I also wear long-fingered gloves and thicker wool socks this time of the year.

3. Be aware of hunters: Fall is hunting season in many areas. I have a bright orange bike so I am not too worried about being mistaken for a deer or other animal. If your bike is not as loud as mine, you may want to wear something that is more visible to hunters.

4. Hidden obstacles: It's a blast riding through the leaves on the trail and hearing that rustle. I have sometimes been so caught up in it that I have hit roots or rocks that are covered up by the leaves and almost took a trip over the handlebars because I was not prepared for an obstacle. Be aware of obstacles that can be covered up by leaves. Leaves can also be slippery so take care when cornering and braking.

2) What's New or Seasonal on Mountain Bike Buzz -- Click on the links below to learn about updates to the site and/or important seasonal information and tips.

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As always, enjoy the ride!

Mary Blomquist
Mountain Bike Buzz

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