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Attack the Singletrack!, Issue #009 -- Are Clipless Pedals the Best Choice for You?
September 15, 2010

Catch the Buzz on Playing in the Dirt

Attack the Singletrack! Issue #009 -- Are Clipless Pedals the Best Choice for You?

Attack the Singletrack brings you mountain bike tips to help you become a better rider and enjoy mountain biking more.

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In this Issue...

1) Tip of the Month -- Want to know how to get huge discounts on mountain bikes, parts, accessories, and clothing?

Click here or scroll down to learn how to feed your mountain bike passion and fork out less cash...

2) Are Clipless Pedals the Best Choice for You? -- Do your mountain biking buddies keep telling you to ditch the platform pedals and go for clipless pedals? Are you thinking about making the change, but do not like the idea of having your feet stuck to your bike? Are you afraid you will get hurt more with clipless pedals? Will they really help you become a better rider?

These are all questions many of us have when we are considering going clipless. Click here or scroll down for some answers...

3) What's New on Mountain Bike Buzz -- Click on the links below to learn about new information that has been recently added to the site...

Are Shimano Clipless Pedals the Best Pedals?
-- Comparisons among Shimano clipless pedals, Time Atac pedals, Eggbeater pedals, and other clipless pedals to help you choose which one is best for your mountain bike riding needs...

Yeti Finally has a 29er!
-- In spite of claims that Yeti has said they would "never make a clown bike," they have, in fact, come out with a 29er. Amusingly enough, it is called the Big Top 29er...

Tip of the Month:

How to Find Huge Discounts on Mountain Bikes, Parts, Accessories, and Clothing--

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Are Clipless Pedals the Best Choice for You?

Will clipless pedals make you a better rider?

Clipless pedals are the most popular type of mountain bike pedal for cross country riding.

If you a casual mountain biker and tend to ride smooth hardpack with minimal climbing, clipless pedals will not make much of a difference in your performance.

If you want to improve your mountain biking skills, including your ability to climb more quickly and clear technical obstacles, clipless pedals are a great choice for you.

Clipless pedals allow you to use more of your leg muscles and pedal in a circular motion which is more efficient than just using a downward motion when pedaling. This allows you to climb faster with less fatigue.

Will you get hurt more with clipless pedals than platform pedals?

I had this fear also. I did fall a couple of times when I first made the switch. Once was in the parking lot and once was when I pulled over to let a fellow rider pass. Both times, I forgot that I had clipless pedals and I just didn't get my foot out in time before tipping over. It was embarrassing, but not life threatening in any way.

Overall, I got hurt way more with platform pedals than with clipless pedals. With platform pedals, my feet were always coming off the pedals and I would either wipe out or smack my shins on my pedals. I am not saying I don't wipe out anymore, but it's due to my abilities and not the pedals.

Some tips that helped me adjust to clipless pedals:

1. Set your pedals on the loosest setting

2. Practice clipping and unclipping each foot while propping yourself up against a wall or sitting in a doorway.

3. Practice clipping in and out with each foot while riding in grass or another soft surface.

4. Anticipate situations where you will need to stop so that you can unclip your foot in time.

Downhill and freeride mountain Bike Pedals

Downhill and freeride mountain bikers often use a platform type pedal with metal pins that stick to the bottom of their shoe, which has a soft rubber sole. This design allows for stability on the pedal, but still a quick release of the foot when necessary.

For more information on different types of mountain bike pedals, please visit our page on Mountain Bike Pedals

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