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Attack the Singletrack!, Issue #015 -- Bicycle Chain Replacement: Is it Time Yet?
April 09, 2012

Mountain Bike Buzz: Tips on Playing in the Dirt

Attack the Singletrack!, Issue #015 -- Bicycle Chain Replacement: Is it Time Yet?

Attack the Singletrack brings you mountain bike tips to help you become a better rider and enjoy mountain biking more.

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In this Issue...

1) How to know when your bike chain needs to be replaced -- No need for a chain tool! A simple way to check your chain wear to see if it is time for a bicycle chain replacement or if you still have a few miles left.

How to Check your Chain Wear without a Chain Tool:

Find a tape measure or ruler

Measure 12 inches from the center of a left pin on a chain link. The left pin center of the 12th chain link should be exactly on the 12 inch mark.

If the center of the pin is more than 1/16" past the mark, the chain needs to be replaced. If it is more than 1/8" past the mark, your chain is toast and you may also need to replace the chain rings and/or cassette.

2) What's New or Seasonal on Mountain Bike Buzz -- Click on the links below to learn about updates to the site.

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3) Hot Deals on Bikes and Gear - You may break something, but this time it won't be the bank...

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One Deal at a Time- This company marks down an item to a ridiculously low price and sells it until it is gone. Then they do it all over again. They have sweet deals!

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Mary Blomquist
Mountain Bike Buzz

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