29er every time!

by Nobby Styles
(Isle of Wight, England)

I have both 26 inch hard tail and full suspension bikes which I have ridden for many miles on all sorts of terrain but, last year I had a demo ride on a 29er and just loved it.

I now have a carbon 29er and as an all round trail bike it is superb, without doubt the best off road bike I have ridden. On hard surfaces it is faster than a 26 inch bike. Through mud, it just ploughs on, streets ahead of the 26ers. Over rocks and roots it is simply in a different league.

Acceleration is not really a problem if you can afford to spend a bit more and get a light 29er. On short road sections between trails it leaves the 26ers. Decent tyres are now becoming available as the 29er gains popularity.

I have heard people say they are ungainly on technical stuff but, I have not found that to be. If they are a bit trickier through the tight stuff it's not really a problem, you should be so far in front by the time you get there you will have time to spare!

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